Early Childhood Assessment Project

During the three-year Early Childhood Assessment Project (ECAP), we developed training materials on authentic assessment practices for the early care and education community. We completed the project in December 2016.

For the project, we:

  • surveyed early care and education teachers, family child care providers, and trainers to document gaps in assessment training;
  • developed 12 training modules to address those gaps;
  • trained trainers to conduct trainings; and
  • evaluated the success of the training.

Authentic assessment trainings are available through DEVELOP, Minnesota’s Quality Improvement and Registry tool.

Relationship-based Professional Development Protocol

We helped develop guidance on using relationship-based professional development (RBPD) to promote use of authentic assessment.

This guidance provides a protocol for coaches, mentors, or other RBPD providers who support teachers’ use of authentic assessment. RBPD techniques include observation, feedback, reflection, mutual planning, and tracking goals.


Minnesota Department of Education, through December 2016

Project staff

Ann Bailey, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

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