Seeing is Believing®

Seeing Is Believing® training is automatically included as a component of Steps Towards Effective Enjoyable Parenting™ (STEEP) training. Seeing Is Believing is also available as a free-standing training for individuals or organizations interested in integrating the video strategy into home visiting models other than STEEP.

Through video-recording and guided viewing, Seeing is Believing® gives parents a chance to see, from the camera’s point of view, what happens between them and their baby. Through a process of open-ended questioning, parents learn to:

  • interpret their baby’s cues;
  • recognize their own strengths in meeting their baby’s needs;
  • and see through their baby’s eyes.

Seeing is Believing was originally developed in 1986 as a core strategy within the STEEP program. The strategy also has been adopted within many other home visiting and center-based programs for parents and infants.

What to expect

This training typically is offered as a 1- or 2-day initial session, with a follow-up 1-day consultation about 3 months later, built around videos and case material provided by participants.

The curriculum includes:

  • Observing parent-infant interaction through the lens of attachment theory and research.
  • Introducing to parents the idea of using video as a way to learn and discover how to support their baby’s development.
  • Setting up a video session attuned to the baby’s state and parent’s readiness.
  • Reviewing the video with the parent, using open-ended questions to help the parent interpret infant cues, recognize their own strengths, and address areas of challenge.
  • Using parent-infant videos in reflective supervision or consultation.

Who should attend

  • Social workers
  • Health care professionals
  • Mental health professionals
  • Other frontline professionals who would like to learn best practices for working with parents and very young children

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