Introduction to Reflective Supervision / Consultation

Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RS/C) is a form of ongoing professional development that supports early childhood practitioners in their work and guides them in providing services focused on children’s needs.

In this two-week online course, get an introduction to the principles and core competencies of RS/C. Develop a foundation of knowledge about reflective supervision/consultation based in infant mental health theory and practice.

This course uses the Reflective Interaction Observation Scale (RIOS) as a framework.

Please note: If you are receiving RS/C through CEED/MACMH-IEC, this short course must be completed before beginning RS/C. If you intend to apply for the Credential and are receiving Reflective Supervision/Consultation through an endorsed reflective supervisor based outside of CEED/MACMH-IEC, this course must be completed prior to applying for the Supporting Early Social and Emotional Development Credential.

What to expect

  • Gain an understanding of the principles and goals of RS/C.
  • Learn the structure of a RS/C session.
  • Learn how to describe the topics of conversation and methods of inquiry used in RS/C.

Who should register

  • Early childhood educators
  • Special education educators and practitioners
  • Social workers
  • Nurses
  • Pediatricians
  • Home visitors
  • Others working with young children ages birth to five

Meet the instructor

Christopher Watson Head shotChristopher Watson

Christopher Watson, Ph.D., is the director of the Center for Reflective Practice at CEED. He led the team of clinicians and researchers who developed the Reflective Interaction Observation Scale (RIOS) and is conducting further research into the implementation process and results of RS/C.



  • For 10 clock hours: $95 registration fee

Required materials

There are no required materials for this short course.

Upcoming sessions

  • Spring 2018: February 12 to February 26, 2018. Register by February 7. (Registration opens at a later date)