Environmental Rating Scales (ERS)

The Environmental Ratings Scales (ERS) are a series of research scales used to assess process quality in early childhood group care. There are four environmental rating scales, each designed for a different segment of the early childhood field.

Our team uses three of the scales:

ERS subscales

The ERS was developed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They are made up of seven subscales that focus on different aspects of the classroom environment:

  • space and furnishings
  • personal care routines
  • listening and talking
  • activities
  • interaction
  • program structure
  • parents and staff

The information collected from subscales is used to assign a score representing the quality of the environment. The score is based on a seven point scoring system. A score of 1 represents inadequate care, 3 minimal care, 5 good care, and 7 excellent care.

Learn about our ERS-related services and in-person trainings.

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