Introduction to the Minnesota Executive Function Scale

If you’ve completed this introductory training, you may qualify for MEFS™ certification. To learn more about MEFS™ certification training, contact Reflection Sciences.

We’ve partnered with tech start-up Reflection Sciences to conduct on-site trainings on the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS™) in Minnesota.

The MEFS is a game-like app that early educators can use to measure executive function and early learning readiness in children. It’s the only early learning readiness assessment measuring executive function that can be used with children as young as two years old.

The MEFS was developed by Institute of Child Development Professors Stephanie Carlson, Ph.D.,​ and Philip Zelazo, Ph.D., who started Reflection Sciences.

It provides accurate and actionable information for all learners and is sensitive to change. This means that with the MEFS you can:

  • Test groups of students, obtaining differentiated results and comparison with national norms.
  • Test students over time to measure growth and effectiveness of teaching methods, curricula, and interventions.

This training is for those interested in more information about executive function and the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS). If you would like to use the MEFS assessment, please contact Reflection Sciences for more information:, 888-907-MEFS (6337).

What to expect

All trainings are delivered by our certified MEFS trainers. During this 2.5-hour training:

  • Learn about executive function and why executive function skills are critical for school achievement and life success.
  • Receive a demonstration of the MEFS assessment.

Who should attend

  • Family child care providers
  • Child care center staff
  • School staff and administrators
  • Special education program staff and administrators

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