Professional development in reflective practice

The Reflective Practice Center (RPC) provides individual professional development for early childhood practitioners such as preschool teachers, child care providers, home visitors, health care providers, administrators, and others. We also provide consultation services to organizations that offer relationship-based professional development.

Professional development for individuals

We offer online and in-person opportunities for early childhood professionals and their supervisors to build reflective skills. All our offerings can be customized for your organization.

I enjoyed this course and loved each of the learning opportunities. The valuable resources shared will be used regularly in my own work with providing and receiving reflective supervision. A sincere appreciation to Ashley, the instructor, for facilitating this course and being available to the group and individuals. Another thanks goes to Karen for addressing technology issues immediately when I was having difficulty.

Course participant

Professional development for organizations

We work with organizations large and small to implement or improve relationship-based professional development programs. Our services include:

  • Providing reflective consultation or data-driven feedback on recorded reflective sessions using the Reflective Interaction Observation Scale (RIOS) coding system
  • Creating personalized/customized courses and training programs on reflective practice and reflective supervision as well as related topics such as infant mental health
  • Offering presentations on reflective supervision customized to your organization
  • Offering a variety of self-study modules on reflective supervision/consultation; discounted group pricing available

Examples of past projects include:

Educare (Tulsa, OK)

RPC worked with leadership from Educare, a nonprofit operating four child care centers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to structure a professional development package for supervisors. 

Project goals:

  • Educare supervisors and supervisees gain a shared understanding and vocabulary around reflective supervision 
  • Improve supervision skills through data-informed feedback 

Our work:

Educare supervisors participated in CEED’s online course RIOS(™) 1: Using the RIOS(™) Framework for Reflective Supervision and recorded their reflective supervision sessions with staff. RSC staff reviewed and coded the recorded sessions and provided individual and group feedback.

Georgetown University

Researchers at Georgetown University conducted a study on the implementation of the Facilitating Attuned Interactions (FAN) model in a home visiting program. FAN is a relationship-based approach to working with families. The model includes reflective supervision. 

Project goal:

  • Evaluate the implementation of the FAN model using data from recorded reflective supervision sessions.

Our work:

RPC staff trained Georgetown researchers in RIOS™ coding and collaborated with them in reviewing and coding recordings of reflective supervision sessions.

Society for the Protection and Care of Children (Rochester, NY)

The Society for the Protection and Care of Children (SPCC) in Rochester, NY, developed a year-long learning collaborative for supervisors to learn about reflective supervision. They embedded the RIOS(™) framework into their training.

Project goals:

  • Optimize use of the RIOS(™) framework in reflective supervision
  • Gain an understanding of how supervisory relationships evolve over time

Our work:

RPC staff provided feedback on the use of the RIOS(™) framework in recorded reflective supervision sessions. A few supervisors and supervisees submitted videos monthly throughout the year-long project; RSC staff provided specific feedback about these dyads focused on how their relationships changed over time.

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