Professional Development

The Reflective Practice Center offers online courses, an online credential, and in-person training to help early childhood professionals and their supervisors build reflective skills.

Online Courses

Introduction to Reflective Supervision / Consultation (short course)

10 clock hours

In this three-week online course, develop a foundation of knowledge about Reflective Supervision/Consultation in infant mental health. The course uses the Reflective Interaction Observation Scale (RIOS™) as a framework.

Advanced Reflective Supervision/Consultation: Building Skills Using the RIOS™ Framework

28 clock hours

Using the Reflective Interaction Observation Scale (RIOS™) as a framework, you’ll learn about the process of beginning and maintaining a reflective alliance with individuals and groups to help professionals build skills and increase self-efficacy.

Many of the online courses from the Center for Early Education and Development complement reflective practice and use the same infant mental health framing and relationship-based approach. View the full catalog of our online offerings.