Behavior Has Meaning

Behavior is communication. Children use behavior to show their wants and needs–even before they can talk. When adults learn to understand and respond appropriately to children’s behaviors, we can develop even better caring relationships with them, as Resource Guide 5 explains.

The Resource Guides in our series are intended for people who work with infants and young children. Most of the Resource Guides are accompanied by handouts with practical ideas and activities related to the topic. The Resource Guides were compiled by CEED for the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). They are posted with MDE’s permission.

Topic: Understanding Children’s Challenging Behavior

Resource Guide 5: Behavior Has Meaning

Handout 5.1: Children’s Behaviors Stretch across the ELOF Domains

Handout 5.2: Form and Function

Handout 5.3: Become a “Behavior Has Meaning” Detective in Three Steps

Handout 5.4: Helpful Resources

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