Trainings for coaches

Putting Interactions into Practice — Foundation Course (PIIP)

Are you a coach, supervisor, coordinator, trainer, or consultant? Prepare to work with teachers on CLASS® concepts and practices.

Putting Interactions into Practice — Building Relationships (ES) for RBPD Specialists

If you support teachers as a coach or in a related role, join us to take an in-depth look at the four emotional support dimensions: positive climate, negative climate, teacher sensitivity, and regard for student perspective.

Putting Interactions into Practice — Classroom Management (CO) for RBPD Specialists

Review the dimensions that fit in the classroom organization domain – behavior management, productivity, and instructional learning formats – and identify successful application strategies.

Putting Interactions into Practice — Promoting Thinking (IS) for RBPD Specialists

Prepare to aid teachers in strengthening concept development, quality of feedback, and language modeling in interactions and activities.

Motivational Interviewing Strategies for Coaches

Our 4-hour, introductory workshop will educate participants about motivational interviewing principles. It also will give coaches the ability to experience and practice skills.

Six Principles of Quality Coaching

This course provides Parent Aware Quality Coaches with an overview of the Six Principles identified by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and used by observers to assess the quality of the coaching relationship in Parent Aware.