Reflective Practice Center

Reflective practice is a professional development approach that encourages individuals to pay attention to relationships as they examine behavior and their responses to behavior. In the infant and early childhood mental health field, reflective practice asks practitioners to explore how they relate to the children and families they work with, who may be facing multiple challenges and risks. Practitioners engage in reflective practice in partnership with a supervisor or consultant.

Our new center will serve as an intellectual home for high-quality, cutting-edge research in reflective practice. It will also disseminate knowledge about reflective practice, help professionals incorporate reflective practice principles into their work, and inform policy dealing with infant and early childhood mental health. The center is the first of its kind internationally.


Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation

Professional Development

Project staff

Christopher Watson, Ph.D., IMH-E®[IV], Director

Amy Susman-Stillman, Ph.D., Research Associate

Mary Harrison, Ph.D., LICSW, IMH-E® (III-C), Research Associate

Alyssa Meuwissen, Ph.D., Research Associate

Deborah Ottman, Professional Development Coordinator

Karen Anderson, Executive Administrative Specialist

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