Making things easy for people who work hard: a Q & A with Professional Development Coordinator Deborah Ottman

Why are adult learners different from full-time students? What makes CEED's professional development offerings stand out? Deborah Ottman, MA, sheds light on these questions and more.

The reflective colleague: tips from reflective practice for returning to in-person work

Alyssa Meuwissen, PhD, and Deborah Ottman explore ways in which reflective practice can help professionals manage stress around returning to in-person work.

Creating with data: a Q & A with Research Professional Meredith Reese

Research Professional Meredith Reese gives a behind-the-scenes look at several of CEED's major projects. She shares why creating art is more closely related to doing research than we might think.

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Reflective Practice Center at CEED

Our center, funded by the Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation, provides education and support for reflective practice.

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