Our NEW Tip Sheet explores music and emotional regulation

Music is a part of every human culture, and many caregivers instinctively include musical play in their interactions with children. But music does more than entertain; there’s evidence it can help children learn emotional regulation skills. Read more in our latest Tip Sheet!

Mind in the Making: Essential Life Skills for Children and Adults: new online modules from the Families and Work Institute and CEED

Along with our partners at Mind in the Making, we're excited to announce a new online training series suitable for professionals who work with children and families as well as parents! The series offers research-based ways to bolster children's (and adults') executive function skills.

Children in foster care benefit from early education; a new report shows there is plenty of room to grow participation

Studies show that children benefit from being enrolled in early care and education (ECE) programs. Children in foster care are at greater risk for challenges at school and outside of it--challenges that ECE can help them prepare to overcome. A new report details the ECE participation of Minnesota children in foster care as well as barriers to enrollment that they may face.

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