Relationship-Based Professional Development Credential (RBPD)

The RBPD Credential is a 45-hour Develop-approved training program to help coaches, consultants, and mentors partnering with early childhood professionals gain the knowledge and skills necessary to put Relationship-Based Professional Development (RBPD) into practice. Participants complete the program as part of a cohort (8-15 peers) and apply the content in real time with the early childhood professionals with whom they are working.

RBPD focuses on learning through a relationship with the RBPD specialist using a one-on-one and small group model to support early childhood professionals in their work. Watch our two-minute video explaining RBPD. The goal of this type of individualized support is to improve children’s developmental outcomes by increasing practitioners’ knowledge, skills, and abilities. RBPD specialists provide practitioners with competency-based expert guidance and customized support to foster professional growth and career achievement.


What qualifications are needed to apply for the RBPD Credential program?

Although there are no specific training or course prerequisites for participating in this program, participants tend to be able to better engage with the material if they have some experience with coaching or being coached.

How long does the program take to complete?

The credential includes 15 weeks of content. However, the needs of each cohort determine the pace of the program. This means that a cohort can choose to complete the credential in as little as 15 weeks or as long as a year.

Is this an online program?

The credential can be done in person, online, or in a hybrid model. Our current cohorts are hybrid, but this is determined by the needs and preferences of each cohort and their trainers.

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the credential is dependent on the employer of the participants and whether the participants work in Minnesota. Please reach out to to learn about cost tiers.

If you have questions, are interested in learning more, or wish to apply for the RBPD Credential, contact

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