Evaluation services

We provide a research-based, objective way to determine program effectiveness through external program evaluations. Our approach is client-centered and adheres to the highest research standards and data management strategies.

We’ve conducted program evaluations for federal and state agencies, private foundations, school districts, and nonprofit organizations. Process and outcome evaluations range from specific program elements to large-scale, multi-site evaluations.

Our evaluation services are driven by project, client, and stakeholder needs. They focus on identifying key performance measures to capture program effectiveness.

Available evaluation services

  • Evaluation planning, development, and design
  • Development and selection of quantitative and qualitative instruments and data collection strategies
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Training and technical assistance to develop, access, manage, and interpret performance measure systems
  • Report writing to communicate findings to multiple audiences and stakeholders

Example evaluation projects

  • Evaluation of programs delivered in metro area child care centers that serve children from high-stress, high-risk backgrounds.
  • Evaluation of curriculum development and implementation in a community outreach program for a regional children’s theater company.
  • Early language and literacy assessments to inform national, local, and multi-site initiatives.
  • Evaluation of a statewide professional development program in public health home visiting.

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