Environmental Rating Scales trainings

Introduction to the Environmental Ratings Scales & Parent Aware Environmental Self-Assessment Checklist

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What to expect

This training is 18 clock hours

The goals of this online training are to understand the connections between the Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) and the Parent Aware Self-Assessment (ESA) Checklist, learn how to score early childhood environments using the ERS and ESA scoring systems, and apply this knowledge to improve program quality.

Each participant must:

  • complete each of the six modules;
  • participate in weekly discussion boards;
  • attend bi-weekly live Zoom chats
  • virtually complete fieldwork with a provider/practitioner/educator.

Who should attend

Parent Aware quality coaches and professional development advisers.

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This training is restricted to Parent Aware quality coaches and professional development advisers and is free.

For more information, contact Margie Milenova at milen002@umn.edu.

NOTE: All online trainings are delivered via Zoom. You will be sent Zoom login information prior to the training.

Environmental Rating Scales training

The Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) are a set of tools that assess the quality of a child care setting.

What to expect

Our goal is to train early childhood practitioners so they can improve their practice. Trainings are conducted in groups. An online course about the ERS is available annually.

For each scale, each participant must:

  • complete an 8-hour class;
  • participate in two fieldwork days; and
  • share their observations with a CEED staff member in a formal debriefing session.

Who should attend

  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Directors
  • Regional staff
  • Family child care providers
  • Others who wish to become consultants on the ERS scale

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