What does it take to become a trainer?

Take a look at our infographic below to estimate the cost–both financial and in terms of the time spent–of becoming an approved trainer in Minnesota.

What does it take to become a trainer?

Trainers invest time and money into their work. This includes completing required trainings, applying in Develop, and purchasing technology. Below are rough figures to help you calculate the time and money it will take to become a trainer.


  • Projector: $300-$500
  • Laptop: $400-$1500
  • Cords and adapters: $20
  • Printer: $200
  • Speakers: $25
  • Self-employment software: $180

Professional development

  • Required trainings: $100-$200/trainings
  • Training of Trainers: $100+
  • Trainer conferences: $200
  • Professional liability insurance: $60/month
  • Trainer updates for each district you train in: $0


  • Self-employment taxes: 15.3% of your earnings
  • Lost income when trainings cancel: $180/training
  • Tax preparation services: $85-$300

Time budget

  • Attend district updates: 1.5 hours/year (or more)
  • Attend required trainings: 16-22 hours/first year
  • Schedule trainings, review contracts and training logistics: 2+ hours/training
  • Travel: 0-4 hours/training (or more)
  • Prepare trainings: 3-6 hours/training
  • Deliver trainings: 2+ hours/training
  • Research, learn to use, and set up tech and software: 12-17 hours (or more)
  • Compile tax information: 5+ hours/year

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