Celebrating fiscal year two of the TARSS program

July marked the end of our second fiscal year as the home of the TARSS program. We are so proud to have served more than a thousand participants through our trainings and events this past year. And thank you to all our colleagues in the trainer and RBPD specialist space for making 2023-2024 an exciting year full of learning and growth!

TARSS fiscal year 2022-23 infographic; text version below image

Year in Review: July 2022 – July 2023

  • 62 total trainings offered
  • 971 total participants attended
  • 105 participants attended the RBPD Fall Retreat
  • 56 participants attended the Trainer and RBPD Specialist Symposium
  • 4 Train the Trainers (TOTs) offered
  • $5,300+ in scholarships given for trainers and RBPD specialists to attend TARSS events
  • 2153 emails answered

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