Celebrating our accomplishments

We’re celebrating the work our team has accomplished since CEED officially became home to the TARSS program in October 2021! Learn more about TARSS and subscribe to our newsletter, The Source.

TARSS outreach

Infographic detailing TARSS outreach activities; text version follows

Communicating with trainers, RBPD specialists, and other interested parties in Minnesota is an essential activity of the TARSS project. The following methods were employed to reach the intended audiences:

Support Requests

TARSS staff provided responsive customer service to 800 emails and 46 phone calls received.


TARSS sent out 9 monthly issues of The Source as well as 30 weekly round-ups with reminders and announcements regarding courses offered.


Information regarding TARSS trainings and registration as well as informative Q & A profiles were posted online and accessed broadly. We created a total of 10 web pages and 7 blog posts.

Social Media

7 blog posts relating to TARSS were shared via CEED’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


TARSS attended, presented at, sponsored, or staffed vendor tables at multiple events throughout the year. We made 2 presentations and staffed 2 vendor tables.

Trainings offered through TARSS

Infographic enumerating trainings offered through TARSS; text version is below image

As new trainer requirements were implemented in March 2022, TARSS personnel launched the following trainings (in person or online).

Course Writer Sequence

Course Writer Orientation

  • 99 people attended

Course Writer: Crafting and Drafting a Course

  • 80 people attended 5 events offered

Course Writer: Design Skills

  • 81 people attended 5 events offered

Trainer Sequence

Trainer Orientation Module 1

  • 64 people attended

Trainer Orientation Module 2

  • 54 people attended

Adult Learning Module 1: Delivery Skills

  • 33 people attended 4 events offered

Adult Learning Module 2: Design Skills

  • 41 people attended 4 events offered

Other events

The following events were each offered once between October 2021 and June 2022.

RBPD Credential

  • 15 people attended

Exploring Instructional Design: Considerations for Trainers

  • 13 people attended

Coaching Strategies: Social-Emotional Supports for Children and Caregivers

  • 22 people attended

Trainer and RBPD Specialist Symposium

  • 50 people attended

TOT: Course Writer Training

  • 8 people attended

RBPD Retreat

  • 95 people attended

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