Centers of Excellence Professional Development System

We’re helping the Minnesota Department of Education’s early intervention and early childhood special education programs maintain and grow an accessible, evidence-based professional development system for Minnesota.

The Minnesota Centers of Excellence For Young Children with Disabilities maintains a website and oversees professional development facilitators throughout the state. Facilitators work directly with the leaders of local programs to determine what type of professional development will best serve their needs. Professional development efforts focus on improving program quality and implementing the three state-supported innovative practice models:

  1. The Pyramid Model: Strategies and supports regarding the social and emotional development of all young children.
  2. Family-Guided Routines-Based Intervention: Resources to support early interventionists in providing functional intervention with natural environments.
  3. Classroom Engagement: Improving child outcomes in classrooms by increasing child engagement.


Minnesota Department of Education

Project staff

Deborah Ottman, Principal Investigator

Karen Anderson, Program/Project Specialist


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