Our latest tip sheet suggests ways to use music in your work with children

Musical play has a lot to offer besides entertainment. One benefit is that it can help young children learn and practice emotional regulation skills. If you’re wondering how to get started integrating music into your classroom activities or other work with children, our latest tip sheet can help! It’s called Applying It: Engaging in Musical Play with Young Children. We created this tip sheet in partnership with expert educators at MacPhail Center for Music. This downloadable resource gives practical suggestions for using music in the classroom.

Related: Download our companion tip sheet, Introducing It: The Benefits of Music Integration to Emotional Regulation Development in Young Children, to learn more of the science behind the positive effects that music can have on growing brains and bodies. Plus: Curriculum Specialist Anna Landes Benz blogs about the areas of development that music has an impact on

Give some of our musical play ideas a try, then let us know how it went!

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