Training in Reflective Supervision/Consultation: Nationwide Survey Results

Our new report examines the training currently available around infant mental health reflective supervision/consultation (RS/C) in the United States. We conducted a landscape survey that helped us answer questions like:

  1. What RS/C training is currently available around the country?
  2. What are RS/C providers’ perceptions of the training they have received?

Key findings included:

  • RS/C providers in this sample most commonly held an advanced degree with some clinical training, combined with specialized training in RS/C.
  • The majority of RS/C providers had 17 or more hours of training on how to provide RS/C.
  • State associations offer the most RS/C training, but professional organizations and employers offer it as well.
  • There are multiple modes of RS/C training, and they vary in type, content, length, intensity, and consistency. Didactic and experiential training are both seen as necessary for building the skills of reflective practitioners.
  • Face-to face RS/C training is most common, but a substantial amount of RS/C training is also conducted online.
  • The requirements or qualifications for taking RS/C training vary by training organization.
  • RS/C providers expressed an eagerness to deepen their knowledge and skills in the provision of RS/C and identified gaps in training content and modes of training.

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