Resource Guides for early childhood professionals

We’re pleased to share a series of downloadable Resource Guides intended for people who work with infants and young children. These 10 guides (and two bonus resources) cover topics of interest to child care providers and early educators that are particularly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The guides fall into three subject categories:

  • Preparing for Children’s Return
  • Understanding Young Children’s Challenging Behavior
  • Supporting and Managing Young Children’s Behavior
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Each guide includes a featured resource such as a video or article, followed by a brief summary of the main points and an interactive component such as a quiz or reflection question. Many of the guides are accompanied by handouts with practical ideas and activities related to the topic. The Resource Guides were compiled by CEED for the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). They are posted with MDE’s permission.

Topic I: Preparing for Children’s Return

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Resource Guide 1: Reopening Child Care and Early Education Programs during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Resource Guide 2: Tips for Supporting Infants’ and Young Children’s Transition as We Re-open

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Resource Guide 3: Thriving Childcare: Social-Emotional Health and COVID-19 Guidelines

Topic II: Understanding Young Children’s Challenging Behavior

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Resource Guide 4: Reflecting on Our Reactions and Responses to Children’s Behavior

Resource Guide 5: Behavior Has Meaning

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Resource Guide 6: Understanding the Science of Early Development and the Core Story

Topic III: Supporting and Managing Young Children’s Behavior

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Resource Guide 7: It Takes Two: The Role of Co-regulation in Building Self-Regulation Skills

Resource Guide 8: Toxic Stress—Introduction: A Story for Early Educators

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Resource Guide 9: Better Kid Care—Infant–Toddler Care: Guiding Behavior

Resource Guide 10: Stress Detectives and Safe Harbors: Helping Children Feel Secure

Bonus Resources

Bonus Resource 1: The Importance of Stories and Narratives

Bonus Resource 2: The Virtual Early Education Center (VEEC)

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